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Variable Focus Lenses

Recently developed variable focus lenses may be just the solution for people who are tired of the limitations of bifocals, progressive lenses and other multifocal eyeglass lenses for correction of presbyopia. Acknowledging the limitiations of conventional multifocal lenses, and the expense of multiple eyeglasses with single vision lenses, some eyewear manufacturers have discover an great solution: variable focus eyeglass lenses.

EmPower Variable Focus Eyeglasses

In March 2011, PixelOptics (Roanoke, Va.) formally presented its emPower variable focus eyeglasses. The eyewear characteristics lightweight composite lenses with a thin, transparent liquid crystal layer that electronically changes the power of the lenses to provide magnifying power to a portion of the lens for reading when you require it, and make it disappear when it’s not necessary to.
The microchip and power source for the adjustable focus lenses are hidden within thetemples of the eyeglass frames, and the power change in the lens is silent and instantaneous. The glasses are waterproof and shock-resistant, and one overnight charge of the eyewear allows for 48 to 72 hours of operation, based on the company. The eyewear is created to have the same weight, feel and look of high-fashion eyewear and frames will be obtainable in 12 styles with multiple color choices.

Superfocus Adjustable Focus Eyeglasses

Superfocus adjustable focus eyeglasses have been released to the detail market since 2009, previously marketed with the name TruFocals. Each “lens” in Superfocus eyeglasses is really a group of two lenses. The lens in front of the group contains your distance vision prescription. The backside lens (nearer the eye) has a firm surface and a flexible one, and the space between the two lenses is filled with a clear optical fluid.

By moving a slider on the top of the frame’sbridge, you force the fluid within the flexible lens forward, which changes the shape of the lens to add magnifying power to read and other near or intermediate visual tasks.
Superfocus adjustable focus glasses offer the benefits of the entire surface area of the lens changing power, to offer the largest field of view possible for whatever task you adjust them for. However, the lenses do not have an automatic mode: you have to adjust the slider on the frame’s bridge to adjust the power of the lenses manually.

Self-Adjustable Glasses

A different type of variable focus eyeglasses is self-adjustable glasses. These glasses are aimed at using in developing countries to decrease visual disability due to uncorrected refractive errors in regions where residents are difficult to access to the eye doctors, prescription eyeglasses and eye exams.

Self-adjusting eyeglasses are not designed to be real variable focus eyeglasses like emPower or Superfocus eyeglasses, but the power of the lenses can be altered as required if the wearer’s refractive error changes or the glasses are later used by another persons. Although the vision correction provided with self-adjustable eyeglasses normally is not as exact as what would be prescribed by an eye care specialist.

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