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How to Stop Eyes from Watering

Naturally, your eyes should be moist. That is because moisture would help the cornea of the eyes, or that dome that serves as eye surface, function well and smoothly. Eyes are covered by eyelids, so once in a while there would be blinking and moisture could be restored.

But what if there is excessive moisture or your eyes suddenly could not stop from watering? That could be a serious problem because not only would it cause so much discomfort, it could also lead to other eye problems like infection. You also know that the eyes are somehow connected to the nostrils, so expect that when your eyes become watery, there would also be liquid discharge to come out of the nose.

There are also many ways on how to stop excessive and continuous watering of the eyes. But you must first determine what is the exact cause of the watery discharges before adopting several measures to treat the occurrence.

For example, if the watering process in the eye is caused by colds, it would be practical to relieve the sinuses or treat colds. If the ailment disappears, watering of the eyes should follow.

If there are irritants within the eyes or the eyelids, the miniscule objects should first be removed. After the removal, it would be natural for the eyes to continue its watering process for a few minutes, until the excessive secretion finally stops.

For infants born with obstructed tear ducts, usually, doctors prescribe antibiotic ointments and massage around the eye area. Some infants’ obstructed tear ducts also open up naturally for some time. However, if the symptoms persist and the child is still bearing symptoms until before the 14th month of age, surgical procedure should be abruptly conducted.

Your eyes are the windows to your soul. Take good care of it. Do not abuse it and let it rest once in a while. Eye watering is just an indication that something must have gotten into the eye area, so take the heed and attend to your eyes’ needs immediately.

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