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Can Allergies Cause Blurred Vision?

While most people associate allergies with runny noses, sinus congestion, hacking and sneezing, in fact allergies can affect various organs, including the eyes. Because the eyes are often a significant component of your allergies, they deserve specific attention and treatment.

blurred vision

Allergies may cause the eyes to water more than normal and that will cause periods of blurred vision. The allergies impacting your eyes cause differences in the physiologic makeup of your tear film and that definitely will cause blurred vision.

The tear film is made up of water, and mucous and oil and when that grouping changes, too much mucus can cause blurred vision. There is a visible breakup of the tear film with each blink and allergies can affect this tear film. Blurred vision is considered as one of the common symptoms of eye allergies.

A good example would be the dirty windshield or the bug-splattered windshield that is unclear when it starts to rain or you turn on your windshield wipers. The water does not spread evenly on the windshield because of the grime and dirt. Dry eyes can often also contribute to further vision impairment in people who have allergies.

There are many drops on the market that can offer some relief. The problem is drops that help one patient may not work for another. The best thing to do if all remedies you got do not work is to visit an eye specialist to check your problem.

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